Why Is Water Leaking From Your AC Unit?

Condensation is a natural byproduct of air conditioning: When warm air meets the cold surface of an AC unit’s evaporator coil, condensation forms on the coil (the same way your cold glass of lemonade “sweats” on a hot day). But all this condensation has to go somewhere, right? This is why your unit is designed with a drain pan and … Read More

What Is a Variable Air Volume (VAV) System?

A variable air volume system, commonly referred to as a VAV system, is a type of air distribution system that is able to effectively supply a specific temperature to various spaces, or zones, within large, open-plan spaces like commercial office buildings.  How VAV Systems Work VAV systems offer precise temperature control for each of the zones in the building, as … Read More

Why Hydronic Heating Could Be the Ideal Heating System for You

A hydronic heating system is any heating system that uses hot water as its heat source. The most common hydronic systems are baseboard heaters, radiant floors, and hydro-air heating. Hydronic heating has become super-popular with homeowners in recent years. And do you know why? Because hydronic heat comes with so many excellent benefits! Just take a look at these three … Read More