Breathe Cleaner Air With Trane Air Filtration

Are you dealing with pollen and allergies in your home? Do you wish there was a way to address the problem without just constantly taking allergy medication? The good news is that Peerless HVAC, Inc. can help you breathe cleaner air. We offer indoor air quality solutions to help clean the irritating particulates out of your air and keep them out of your lungs.

We proudly install Trane’s CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner equipment. This whole-house air cleaner is designed to eliminate airborne particles to make your indoor air quality cleaner and fresher. In fact, the CleanEffects Air Cleaner will remove up to 99.98% of airborne allergens, bacteria, and more. Having cleaner air results in breathing in fewer potential irritants and generally feeling and breathing better!

Unlike room air purifiers, Trane’s CleanEffects Air Cleaner provides whole-house filtration. By cleaning air as it passes through your HVAC system, this innovative design is able to effectively trap airborne contaminants to keep the entire house cleaner. And, unlike many other types of whole-house air filtration systems, our CleanEffects Air Cleaner is able to provide you with cleaner air without negatively impacting your heating and cooling equipment’s performance. That means you get the best of both worlds: cleaner air and an HVAC system that still operates at peak.

Make your home cleaner and more comfortable for your family. Call Peerless HVAC, Inc. today to learn more about our options for installing a whole-house Trane air filtration system in your home.