How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

The air filter is one of the most important parts of your HVAC system. It helps keep the air in your home clean and safe to breathe, among other benefits. How often should you change your filter, though? 

It’s recommended that you change your filter every month, or at least every three months. And here’s why:

  • You can save money. When the filter is clogged, your HVAC system is working harder to get air out. The motor constantly running at a high level of energy can boost your electric bill to uncomfortably high costs. Changing your filter makes the system run smoother and use less energy overall.
  • The air quality in your home will improve. The air filter traps allergens in your home’s air, from pet dander to dust, dirt, and other allergy-inducing particles. By keeping this filter changed, it can pick up more of these allergens and keep your air cleaner.
  • You’ll extend the life of your HVAC system. Dirty filters can pollute your entire system, leading to costly repairs. A system that consistently has to work harder due to a dirty filter can easily overheat or burn out entirely. Avoid this by changing your filter regularly.

Don’t damage your system and your health by not changing your filter often enough. If you have any questions or need HVAC repairs, don’t hesitate to call Peerless HVAC, Inc. in the Southlake area! We’re happy to help you get your HVAC system running like new again.