Stay Cool (or Warm) With Emergency HVAC Service

Summertime in Texas is no joke! Air conditioning is the saving grace of most homes, keeping you cool, calm, and collected as outside temperatures soar. Then, in the winter months, indoor heat helps you stay warm and cozy on those days when temperatures dip a little lower. However, when your HVAC system isn’t working, things can get uncomfortable pretty quickly.

Temperature Regulation Is Vital

If your air conditioning or heating is on the fritz, your home environment can go from comfortable to critical in no time. This is particularly a problem in warm weather, as inhabitants can suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke if indoor temperatures get too high.

The good news: Peerless HVAC, Inc. provides 24-hour emergency heating and air conditioning service. We want you to be safe and comfortable in your home no matter what’s going on outside, and we’re available 24/7 to make sure that happens.

Emergency Service Is Our Normal

At Peerless HVAC, Inc. we deal with emergency service calls every day. We know that being able to regulate the temperature in your home is vital to your comfort and your health, so we do everything we can to assist as soon as possible when there’s a sudden problem.

Our average turnaround time for providing service is two to three hours. In the summer months that can sometimes stretch to seven hours, but we always make it!

Peerless HVAC, Inc. is fully licensed in the state of Texas and we are committed to providing the best workmanship and products possible. For emergency HVAC service in Southlake, Dallas-Fort Worth, or the surrounding area, call our team today!