The Right HVAC Maintenance Can Tame Your Noisy Furnace

As temperatures dip, we start to rely on our furnaces more and more to stay warm and cozy throughout the winter. It can be hard to relax, though, if your furnace is making its presence known through unusual sounds!

Heating Maintenance Step One: Locate the Noise

Figuring out where the noise is coming from is key to correctly diagnosing the issue and choosing the right fix. One of the most commonly heard noises coming from a furnace is a humming sound. Unfortunately, the nature of the noise does little to narrow down the culprit. 

Tighten Connections for Easy Heating System Maintenance 

If the humming is coming from the furnace unit itself, you may have lose screws, bolts, or other components. Over time, the normal vibrations caused by the fan and motor that help force the air through your system can cause these to loosen. If they get too loose, you may start to hear a humming noise. If this is the issue, checking that all the connections are tight should reduce or eliminate the noise.

Motor Check: Electric, Oil, or Gas Furnace Maintenance

While different types of furnaces use different energy sources, they all run on the same principle. The fuel source is used to heat air, and then a fan run by an internal motor forces that air through the ventilation system. If the noise you hear is coming from the furnace unit but is not from loose screws or other components, then it could be coming from a motor that’s on the fritz.

Duct System HVAC Maintenance

Like loose screws, bolts, or other internal components, loose connections in the plenum (the compartment that holds the warm air before it’s forced through the rest of the ventilation system) or the ductwork can also cause troublesome humming. If the sound is coming from one of these areas, strengthening connection points, reducing flex, and better securing the ductwork to joists or other supports can help.

Fix the Hum With Professional Heating Maintenance

If your furnace is humming up a storm, it can be helpful to have a trained professional assess your system to formally pinpoint the issue and provide a quality, comprehensive solution. For expert HVAC maintenance in Southlake and the surrounding area, call the team at Peerless HVAC, Inc. 

Peerless HVAC, Inc. is a family-owned company with over 12 years of experience troubleshooting furnace and other HVAC issues. We offer emergency service and provide a 30-day parts and service warranty on all work. If your noisy furnace is giving you trouble, call us today!