What Is a Variable Air Volume (VAV) System?

A variable air volume system, commonly referred to as a VAV system, is a type of air distribution system that is able to effectively supply a specific temperature to various spaces, or zones, within large, open-plan spaces like commercial office buildings. 

How VAV Systems Work

VAV systems offer precise temperature control for each of the zones in the building, as the amount of air in each zone is continually being adjusted based upon current cooling conditions. They do this by using an air handling unit to draw in fresh air and return air, and then either heating or cooling it before it reaches the appropriate zone. 

Benefits of VAV Systems

One of the greatest benefits of VAV systems is that they can reduce your energy bills by as much as 30 percent, which can truly help with your bottom line. In addition, VAV systems are affordable to install and maintain. With all of these savings, plus the increased, localized comfort offered by these systems, installing a VAV system is a wise choice for business owners. However, be warned: precise, consistent control and maintenance of your system is essential to reap these benefits. 

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