Why Hydronic Heating Could Be the Ideal Heating System for You

A hydronic heating system is any heating system that uses hot water as its heat source. The most common hydronic systems are baseboard heaters, radiant floors, and hydro-air heating.

Hydronic heating has become super-popular with homeowners in recent years. And do you know why? Because hydronic heat comes with so many excellent benefits! Just take a look at these three awesome advantages of hydronic heating systems, and let us know if you’re ready to make the switch!

1. Improved Air Quality

Hydronic systems like baseboard radiators and radiant floor heaters don’t blow air out of vents and force it around the room. As a result, these heaters contribute to better air quality with less dryness, fewer allergens and irritants, and a more balanced humidity level. 

2. Greater Comfort

Baseboard heaters and radiant heaters generate heat from the floor (as opposed to forced-air systems that blow hot air out of vents near the ceiling). This allows heat to rise throughout the room gradually and naturally, which creates a more comfortable and effective heating system for residents. Furthermore, hydronic heat is much quieter while cycling on and off.

3. More Energy Efficiency

In simple terms, water is a more efficient heat conductor than air. Therefore, hydronic heat is quickly transferred throughout the home without requiring as much energy as forced-air heat. Plus, forced-air systems increase air pressure inside the home, which equates to pushing air through cracks, gaps, and other weaknesses in your insulation. The result is substantial energy loss. However, this doesn’t happen with hydronic heat.

Best of all, hydronic heat systems are easy to install, as the vast majority of models can be powered by a boiler. So, if you’re a homeowner in Southlake, Dallas, Fort Worth, or surrounding areas, and you’re ready to discuss your options for hydronic heat, call Peerless HVAC today!